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Birutė Nomeda Stankūnienė
Vilnius, Lithuania

About the Artworks
Birute Nomeda Stankuniene is a Lithuanian artist, who lives and works in Vilnius. In her abstract works, Birute Nomeda seems to walk on the edge of a psychological abyss, trying to keep the balance between pain and irony, sometimes creating a dimension of the absurd. The works of the artist hypnotises through intense texture, bound with a deep and vivid colour palette. In some of the works, one can also find an absolutely opposite touch of an almost watercolour lightness. Birute Nomeda’s paintings focus on expressing and communicating psychological states while the abstract form frees the viewers to find their own unique associations and reactions to her artworks. The artist compares the process of painting to an oar of a boat in the river of life.

Inspired by Jheronimus Bosch
“Motivated by a happy coincidence, I started a closer and deeper analysis of the artworks by Jheronimus Bosch. Although we are far away in time, epoch and style, the demon-like sarcasm of his works, the strength of irony and psychological anatomy of human nature overwhelmed me. Jheronimus Bosch’s surrealism seems to explore very real and recognisable aspects of life, while his attitude toward ourselves and the surrounding world has a great affinity to my view.

The abstract interpretation of his works served as a huge impulse to my artworks, and the attempt to convey the psychological content of Bosch’s paintings via my abstract art language has become a significant and meaningful transformation of my own experience.”- says artist Birute Nomeda Stankuniene.

Click here to see video of the artworks of Birute Nomeda Stankuniene.

At work in the Studio

At work in the studio

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