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Company Impro-Vision
Web site www.impro-vision.com
City Den Bosch
Country The Netherlands
Product Improvised piano music and videography
USP We add a unique user experience to your event or promotional activity by combining high quality improvised piano music with stunning videography.
Customers Museums, art galleries, artists, communication agencies
Application Opening of exhibitions, introduction of new products, company branding, opening of new buildings
Relationship to Bosch Bosch has inspired us to do a joint project: “Piano Improvisations on The Garden of Earthly Delights“. We decided to continue our collaboration under the project name “Impro-Vision”.
Main contact Eugenie Geurts Job title Composer
Email info@eugenie.nl Mobile +31 621 210 384
LinkedIn Eugenie Geurts facebook


About us

Impro-vision combines stunning improvised piano music with stunning videography. This will add a irreplaceable user experience to your event or promotional activities. The music (piano music, voice, lyrics) is composed especially for the occasion. This makes it a special and personal. It will leave a lasting impression for you and your clients.

Sample applications

  • Art projects
  • Promotional videos
  • Product launch
  • Company branding video
  • Opening of your exhibition
  • Product branding
  • Lectures
  • Book presentation

Contact us

Contact us today at info@eugenie.nl to discuss which option best fits your needs

  1. Onsite live piano concert/improvisation without videography (piano-video)
  2. Onsite live piano concert/improvisation including videography (piano+video)
  3. Pre-recorded video registration including improvised piano soundtrack (video+piano)
  4. Pre-recorded video registration with stock music soundtrack (video-piano)



  • We do not focus on Bosch only. We can help you to make any event or promotional activity into an unforgettable experience.
  • Onsite piano concert/improvisation will be performed on a grand piano or a portable digital piano with a professional sound system.
  • We also perform outside the Netherlands. Travel and lodging cost may apply.


Sample  products

Piano Improvisations on The Garden of Earthly Delights


Show reel Veerdonvisuals

Promotional video Veerdonk Visuals

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