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Below you will find a list of JBP-artists who are inspired by Jheronimus Bosch. Click on the photo and go to the JBP-Artist profiles for detailed information on the artist and their relationship to Bosch.


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Lieve Bedeer

Rather than an interpretative approach, I prefer copying to study Bosch’s painting technique and creative process in depth. Through my enlarged fragments of ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ I intent to draw attention to surprising aspects of Bosch’s paintings so as to appreciate even more his aesthetic virtuosity.

Clemens Briels

International artist creating paintings, sculptures and glassdesign.

Eugenie Geurts

The contrast between the serene and the obscene in the Bosch’ Garden of Earhtly Delights provides a powerful source for inspiration, improvisation and creative energy. I literally submerged myself in this extraordinary painting. This process evoked many emotions inside me, which I translated into musical images in the form of spontaneous piano improvisations.

Sara Giménez

My admiration for the moralizing symbols of Hieronymus Bosch, represented by preset iconographic patterns during the medieval period, has led me to try to recuperate some of these motifs by way of sculptures.

Eveline van de Griend

In her new series inspired by early Dutch master Jheronimus Bosch, van de Griend’s insertion of people of color into classical settings reaches a level both sinister and surreal. The potency of her message is worthy subject matter for such a grand comparison, and forms the basis of two upcoming large solo shows in Germany and the Netherlands.

Henk Groenendaal (RIP)

The Dutch master painter Henk Groenendaal has worked on the reconstruction of Bosch’s masterful triptych “The Garden of Earthly Delights” in the famous “Zwanenbroedershuis” in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.

Birgitta Hermans

In my work, I love to play and to challenge. I like to use cultural heritage as a source of inspiration. I look for connections and differences between the past and the present. The work of Jheronimus Bosch perfectly fits into this process: lust or chastity, greed or charity, vanity or humility? Playfully, I want to make people think about their own sins and virtues.

Wanda van Riet

Through my passion for Jheronimus Bosch I connect his wonderful work of the past with contemporary design products. I do this in part by taking details from his work, so you get a different perspective on his work. His distinctive characters and fantastic creatures will come to life again.

Birutė Nomeda Stankūnienė

I started a closer and deeper analysis of the artworks by Jheronimus Bosch. Although we are far away in time, epoch and style, the demon-like sarcasm of his works, the strength of irony and psychological anatomy of human nature overwhelmed me. Jheronimus Bosch’s surrealism seems to explore very real and recognizable aspects of life.

Ralf van de Veerdonk

Just like Jheronimus I love to be inspired by our hometown, the wonderful city of ’s-Hertogenbosch. When I was offered the unique possibility to make video recordings in the former house and workshop of the painter, I immediately got a ton of ideas for fantastic video shots.


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