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Birute Nomeda Stankuniene at the gallery

At the gallery


Since starting to fulfil her dreams of becoming a full-time professional artist eleven years ago, Birute Nomeda Stankuniene has graduated from Vilnius Academy of Art, opened a personal gallery and her work has been showcased in national and international exhibitions over twenty-five times. Birute Nomeda’s art has been featured on IUOMA and Slow Art day publications and online blogs. It has also been selected as part of weekly collections of Saatchi Art Online gallery. The artist is a member of IUOMA (International Union of Mail-Artists), and Slow Art Day movement.

Birute Nomeda’s favourite style of expression is abstract painting, which allows her to meditate upon the nature of being a human and the relationship between her as an individual and other people. Her creative process is an effort to describe and encapsulate the day-to-day experiences in colourful abstract shapes. Birute Nomeda also works with art design objects and collages. At the moment she favours using oil, acrylic and pastel on canvas or paper.


1987 – Kaunas Technology University, MA in engineering technology and design
2009 – BA in Design, Vilnius Art Academy.




Group Exhibitions

2015 – National Exhibition ‘Ar(T)chyvas’ in Arka, the gallery of the Fine Art Union Lithuania. Participating work – ‘Shaded Signs‘.
2013 – National Exhibition ‘ANATOMY of XXI c’ in Arka, the gallery of the Fine Art Union Lithuania. Participating works – ‘STIGMA I’, ‘STIGMA II’.
2013 – Intercontinental Exhibition ‘United Nations: Nations – Water – Cultures“ United Nations Headquarters, New York (organisers: Inter-Art Foundation Aiud, Permanent Mission of Romania to the United Nations by Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR)). Participating work ‘Beware of the Artist’: http://www.inter-art.ro/usa2013/.


Solo Exhibitions

2015 – Personal exhibition ‘Crazy Yellow’ at Business Centre ‘Gostauto 42’
2015 – Personal exhibition at the gallery of Marija and Jurgis Slapeliai House -Museum, Vilnius.
2015 – Personal exhibition ‘Embracing Life’ at Sherborne Abbey, Dorset, UK.
2014 – Personal exhibition at the exhibition area of Business Centre ‘VERTAS’, Vilnius.
2014 – ‘Towards Yourself’ at B.M. Stankuniene’s Gallery, Cultural Centre of Marijampole.
2013 – ‘About the Autumn’ at the exhibition area of Novotel Vilnius Centre, Vilnius.
2012 – ‘Being Yourself’ Exhibition at the gallery of National UNESCO committee, Vilnius.
2011 – ‘When the Stick Blooms’ exhibition at the gallery of Liudviko Rezos Cultural Center, Juodkrante.
2009 – Exhibition at the Pazaislis monastery ensemble, Kaunas.
2008 – ‘Summer’ exhibition at Elektrenai Municipality exhibition area.
2006 – ‘Beginning’ the first personal exhibition at the gallery of Culture Centre of Rumsiskes.


Solo Exhibitions – ‘Seven Feelings According to The Book of Job’

The painting group ‘Seven Feelings According to The Book of Job’ has been exhibited 14 times in sacral, exhibition and other non-exhibition public spaces. The book ‘Seven Feelings According to The Book of Job’ has been published in 2011. Based on the group of seven paintings, it also includes extracts from the Book of Job (Old Testament) in French and Lithuanian.

2013 – SHOFAR gallery, Jews Cultural Centre, Vilnius.
2013 – Bernardine Church, Vilnius.
2012 – International Christian Conference Krikstenai Manor, Ukmerges Dist.
2012 – St. Casimir Church, Vilnius.
2011 – Blessed Jurgis Matulaitis Church, Vilnius.
2010 – Blessed Jurgis Matulaitis Parish House, Vilnius.
2010 – Waldorf school, Vilnius.
2010 – Sventezeris’ church, Sventezeris.
2009 – Pavilnys’ convent, Vilnius.
2009 – The Lutheran church, Vilnius.
2008 – Vytautas’ church, Kaunas.
2008 – Paparciai’ church, Kaisiadorys Dist.


Other Activities

Jheronimus Bosch project
2013, 2015, Participation at ‘Slow art day movement’
2012 ‘ART TARANDE’. Art festivity in Vilnius Tarande district
2011, 2012 The member of cultural festival ‘Kultūros naktis’ in Vilnius.
Management of personal Birute Nomeda Stankuniene’s gallery.
Member of IUOMA (International Union Of Mail Artist).
Workshops for children together with Soroptimist International Vilnius 1st Club.



Website: http://www.menudirbtuves.lt/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/birutenomeda/videos
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BiruteNomedaStankunieneGallery
Google: google.com/+BiruteNomedaStankuniene
Twitter: @BiruteNomeda
Instagram: instagram.com/birute_nomeda_stankuniene
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/birutenomedastankuniene
Tumblr: http://birutenomedastankuniene.tumblr.com/
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/birutenomeda/
Saatchiart: http://www.saatchiart.com/BiruteNomedaStankuniene


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