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Outsider artists and Jhieronimus Bosch


Overview of outsider artists

Below is a list of JBP-Outsider artist  gallery who are inspired by Jheronimus Bosch. The term outsider art is used for artwork of (often self-taught) artists who ignore the rules of the conventional art world and pursue their own image language and themes. Click on the photo and go to the JBP-Outsider artist profiles for detailed information on the artist and their relationship to Jheronimus Bosch. Click on the image and go to the JBP-Guest profiles with detailed information about the outsider artist and their relationship to Bosch.


For outsider artists and gallery owners

Are you an outsider artist or gallery owner? Are you looking for ways to effectively  promote your Jheronimus Bosch inspired outsider art or artists in to a targeted audience of buyers through www.JeroenBoschPlaza.com? Please feel free to contact us at info@JeroenBoschPlaza.com.

Lotte Steenbakkers

Atelier Rietveld is part of a day activity center of the Sovak foundation for people with intellectual disabilities.


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