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Wie van de drie? Rondom een tondo van Jheronimus Bosch

Claes 2020
Claes, Paul
Genre: Non fiction, art history
Aantal pagina's: 46
Uitgever: Compagnie Paul Verrept
Uitgave datum: 2020
ISBN: 978-90 75995 15-2

Claes 2020


Wie van de drie? Rondom een tondo van Jheronimus Bosch (Paul Claes) 2020

[Compagnie Paul Verrept, s.l., 2020, 46 pages]


After a brief introductory chapter, Claes presents three interpretations of the protagonist in Jheronimus Bosch’s Pedlar tondo (Rotterdam, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen). He does this by letting the protagonist introduce himself, respectively as the Prodigal Son, as a pedlar representing the repentant sinner, and as the pilgrim of life on his way between vice and virtue. In a final brief chapter the mirror form of the tondo says that those who look at the tondo see themselves. The size of this booklet is small, the text is short, simple, and somewhat superficial, and the content relies heavily on the existing literature about the Rotterdam tondo.


[explicit 22 November 2020]

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