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Observation begins with the one who is observing - Interview with Roger Marijnissen

De Bruyn 2015
De Bruyn, Eric
Genre: Nonfiction, art history
Uitgave datum: 2015
Bron: CeROArt (online), June 2015, put online 10th June 2015, URL: http://ceroart.revues.org/4646

De Bruyn 2015


“Observation begins with the one who is observing. Interview with Roger Marijnissen” (Eric De Bruyn) 2015

[in: CeROArt (online), June 2015, put online 10th June 2015. URL: http://ceroart.revues.org/4646]


An interview with the Flemish art historian and Bosch expert Roger Marijnissen, which mainly focuses on Marijnissen’s preference for and views on Hieronymus Bosch. The interview is part of Mélanges en l’honneur de Roger Marijnissen, a collection of texts edited by Muriel Verbeeck in honour of Marijnissen, who turned 92 in 2015 [URL: http://ceroart.revues.org/4506].


[explicit 19th June 2015]

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