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De schilderijen-verzameling van Damiaan de Goes

Engelenburg 1901
Engelenburg, F.V.
Genre: Nonfiction, art history
Uitgever: Oud Holland, 1901, pp. 193-197
Uitgave datum: 1901

Engelenburg 1901


“De schilderijen-verzameling van Damiaan de Goes” (F.V. Engelenburg) 1901

[in: Oud Holland, 1901, pp. 193-197]

[Also mentioned in Gibson 1983: 33 (C14)]


Damian de Goes, who resided mainly in Antwerp and Louvain as a political agent of the Portuguese king Don Juan III from 1523 till 1544, became a victim of the Inquisition in Lisbon in 1571. From the minutes of his interrogation by the inquisitorial court of Portugal we learn that he had bought three works of Bosch in the Netherlands…

  • A panel on which is painted the crowning of Our Lord Jesus Christ, a piece that is worth a lot of money because of the perfection, novelty and originality of the work, made by Hieronimo Bosque. Further in the text the painting is mentioned as being large and very valuable and as representing the Captivity of Christ. It was donated by Goes to the church of Alemquer (his place of birth). Engelenburg signals that the painting has been lost.
  • A painting representing The Temptation of St. Job.
  • A painting representing The Temptation of St. Anthony. These last two paintings were both made by o grande jheronimo bosque and together they were worth c. 200 crusados (elsewhere in the minutes a tryptich by Quinten Matsys is valued at more than 100 crusados). Goes donated these two paintings to the nuntius Montepoliciano in Lisbon.


Engelenburg concludes that Matsys and Bosch were valued at more or less the same level by the sixteenth-century art experts. Maybe Goes himself valued Bosch somewhat higher.


Engelenburg’s assertion that Bosch ‘worked for Louvain and perhaps even lived there’, as did Quinten Matsys, is gratuitous.



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