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De zogenaamde 'Bruiloft van Cana'

Gerlach 1967i
Gerlach, Pater O.F.M. Cap.
Genre: Nonfiction, art history
Uitgave datum: 1967
Bron: Brabants Dagblad, 19th August 1967

Gerlach 1967i


“De zogenaamde ‘Bruiloft van Cana’” (P. Gerlach O.F.M. Cap.) 1967

[in: Brabants Dagblad, 19th August 1967]

[Reprinted in Spiegel der Historie, 9 (1967), pp. 649-652]

[Reprinted in Nieuwe Rotterdamse Courant, 14th October 1967]

[Reprinted in Gerlach 1988: 123-128]

[Also mentioned in Gibson 1983: 103 (E177)]


In the so-called Wedding at Cana (Rotterdam, Boijmans Van Beuningen) we only see reminiscences of the Biblical story: the presence of Jesus and Mary and a man with six stone pitchers (see the Gospel according to St John). The miracle itself of the transformation of water into wine is completely absent. The little ‘child-bishop’ and the silver plates of the 1506 city lottery allude to an event from the ’s-Hertogenbosch environment: the swan suggests the wedding of a member of the Brotherhood of the Swan, in the presence of family members and also of two clerics (identified as such by the stola they are wearing).



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