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Jeroen Bosch - Gula; Tafelblad (5) - hier es gulsicheit

Gerlach 1979a
Gerlach, P. O.F.M. Cap.
Genre: Nonfiction, art history
Uitgave datum: 1979
Bron: Brabantia, 28 (1979), nr. 1, pp. 12-14

Gerlach 1979a


“Jeroen Bosch – Gula; Tafelblad (5) – hier es gulsicheit” (P. Gerlach O.F.M. Cap.) 1979

[in: Brabantia, 28 (1979), nr. 1, pp. 12-14]

[Reprinted in Gerlach 1988: 151-154]

[Also mentioned in Gibson 1983: 119 (E265)]


Gerlach focuses on the Gula segment of the Prado Tabletop. Bosch was probably inspired by a scene from a rhetoricians’ play (rederijkersspel). Gerlach compares the segment to the Gula scenes in a Seven Deadly Sins panel (Geneva) by a Bosch follower, in an Antwerp panel (Antwerp, Royal Museum of Fine Arts) from 1490-1500 and in the New Haven Gula fragment attributed to Bosch. Gerlach believes (and rightly so as we now know) that this latter panel once made up a unit with the Louvre Ship of Fools panel.


[explicit 26th March 2016]

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