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Jeroen Bosch en de familie Scheyfve - Portretten geïdentificeerd

Huys Janssen 2005
Huys Janssen, Paul
Genre: Nonfiction, art history
Uitgave datum: 2005
Bron: Bossche Bladen, vol. 7 (2005), nr. 4, pp. 131-133

Huys Janssen 2005


“Jeroen Bosch en de familie Scheyfve. Portretten geïdentificeerd” (Paul Huys Janssen) 2005

[in: Bossche Bladen, vol. 7 (2005), nr. 4, pp. 131-133]


Paul Huys Janssen summarizes the revealing facts concerning the donors on Bosch’s Adoration of the Magi triptych (Madrid, Prado) that were published in Duquenne 2004. He notes that with this publication Xavier Duquenne has offered a very important contribution to our knowledge about the triptych.


[explicit 30th September 2012]

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