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Bosch in reprodukties - Verzameling van het Prado te gast

Marijnissen 1984a/b/c
Marijnissen, R.H.
Genre: Nonfiction, art history
Uitgave datum: 1984
Bron: De Standaard, 8/10/11 December 1984

Marijnissen 1984a/b/c


“Bosch in reprodukties – Verzameling van het Prado te gast” (R.H. Marijnissen) 1984

“’Tuin der Lusten’, cultusvoorwerp – Bosch’ oeuvre uit Prado in reprodukties (2)” (R.H. Marijnissen) 1984

“Verluchte handschriften behandelen als kleinodiën – Bosch’ panelen uit Prado in reprodukties (3)” (R.H. Marijnissen) 1984

[in: De Standaard, 8/10/11 December 1984]


Three newspaper articles by Marijnissen regarding the exhibition in the Brussels Royal Library with photographic reproductions of the Bosch oeuvre by Alfons Dierick (see also Cat. Brussels 1984).


Of special interest is Marijnissen 1984b, dealing with the Garden of Delights triptych. Some excerpts.

  • ‘It is said: this Garden of Delights is an enigma. And definitely indecent. Let us rather point out that first of all it is a perfect vehicle for everybody’s (libidinal) fantasy, conscious and subconscious. As a work of art it may continue to exercise this function of a Rorschach test. Iconology, on the other hand, tries to find out what is (has been) the original content, the original message, of the work of art.’
  • ‘God creates the world, next He creates man with the mission to multiply and mankind, possessed by sinful lust, forgets its ultimate destination in the Hereafter and will be punished for this with eternal doom in Hell. That is (has been) the message.’
  • ‘Exceptions can be found for everything, definitely when Bosch is concerned. But that everything in his oeuvre is exceptional, is improbable. (…) And because the scenes undeniably (!) have an erotic character, the real subject of the central panel can only be the sin of unchastity, luxuria. (…) A gem of a picture puzzle for teenagers and adults!’



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