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Felipe II adquiere pinturas del Bosco y Patinir

Matilla Tascón 1988
Matilla Tascón, Antonio
Genre: Non fiction, art history
Uitgave datum: 1988
Bron: Revista de Arte Goya, 203 (March-April 1988), pp. 258-261

Matilla Tascón 1988


“Felipe II adquiere pinturas del Bosco y Patinir” (Antonio Matilla Tascón) 1988

[in: Revista de Arte Goya, 203 (March-April 1988), pp. 258-261]


After the death of the Spanish nobleman don Felipe de Guevara, the Spanish king Philip II purchased for a sum of 14,000 escudos houses, land, books, and also a number of paintings from his estate in January 1570. The deal was closed with don Felipe’s widow, doña Beatriz de Haro, and with Felipe’s third son, don Ladrón de Guevara (whose two elder brothers had already died in 1570).


Among the paintings were works by Joachim Patinir, and also una tabla (…) con dos puertas (…) y es el Carro de Heno, de Gerónimo Bosco, de su propia mano (a panel with two wings, and this is the Haywain of Hieronymus Bosch, by his own hand). Furthermore, five paintings on canvas are attributed to Bosch, with the following subjects:

  • Dos çiegos que quia el uno al otro, y detrás una muger ciega (Two blind men, the one leading the other, and behind them a blind woman);
  • Una Danza a modo de Flandes (A Dance in the Flemish style);
  • Unos çiegos andan a caza de un puerto [read: puerco] jabalí (some blind men chasing a wild boar);
  • Una Bruja (A Witch);
  • Otro lienço (…) donde se cura de la Locura (another canvas in which Folly is cured).


The source of these data is: Archivo Histórico de Protocolos de Madrid, prot. 165, ff. 101-108.


[explicit 3rd August 2020]

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