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Een retourtje hiernamaals

Meuwese 2015
Meuwese, Martine
Genre: Nonfiction, art history
Uitgave datum: 2015
Bron: Kunstschrift, vol. 59, nr. 6 (December 2015/January 2016), pp. 30-35

Meuwese 2015


“Een retourtje hiernamaals” (Martine Meuwese) 2015

[in: Kunstschrift, vol. 59, nr. 6 (December 2015/January 2016), pp. 30-35]


For the umpteenth time in Bosch literature, Meuwese points out that the Vision of Tondal has possibly influenced the big devil sitting in a potty-chair and crapping souls (Garden of Delights, right interior panel) but that, as was his custom, Bosch does not borrow literally, he elaborates on a particular motif. Bosch’s crapped souls, for that matter, don’t fall into an ice-hole but into a cesspool, and if these souls indeed represent the seven deadly sins, it would be interesting to hear where exactly Wrath and Envy are depicted. Meuwese also mentions a few works by Bosch followers that explicitly refer to the Vision of Tondal. Allegedly, the message of all these paintings is: beware of the seven deadly sins.


[explicit 4th February 2016]

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