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Uit oude Antwerpsche inventarissen

Moes 1901
Moes, E.W.
Genre: Nonfiction, art history
Uitgever: Oud Holland, 1901, pp. 53-59
Uitgave datum: 1901

Moes 1901


“Uit oude Antwerpsche inventarissen” (E.W. Moes) 1901

[in: Oud Holland, 1901, pp. 53-59]

[Also mentioned in Gibson 1983: 37 (C29)]


Moes reports a number of data taken from Antwerp sixteenth- and seventeenth-century picture inventories. One of the data is that the estate of Margaretha Boge (widow of Joris Veseler and great-grandmother of Constantijn Huyghens) contained een tafereel van Jeronymus Bosch, wesende van de VII dootsonden [a scene by Jeronymus Bosch, dealing with the seven deadly sins] at the end of the year 1574 / beginning of the year 1575.


The estate of the art trader Herman de Neyt (who lived in Antwerp in the same house as Margaretha Boge: the Rode Schotel [Red Plate] at the Steenhouwersvest!) contained in 1642 Een Temptatie, van Bosch, in vergulde lyst [A Temptation, by Bosch, in a gilded frame] and Een Helleken, van Bosch, op paneel [A little Hell, by Bosch, on wood].



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