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Hieronymus Bosch's Worlds that Could Have Been

Ramirez 2016
Ramirez, Julia
Genre: Non fiction, art history
Uitgave datum: 2016
Bron: Published online.

Ramirez 2016


“Hieronymus Bosch’s Worlds that Could Have Been” (Julia Ramirez) 2016

[Published online. URL: http://hyperallergic.com/321247/hieronymus-boschs-worlds-that-could-have-been/, 8 pages]


A short and rather superficial review of the Prado 2016 Bosch exhibition. ‘Delight is a notion that could well summarize this small and fascinating exhibition’. The central panel of the Garden of Delights triptych may ‘represent the world we could have lived in, God’s truncated plan for humanity’. ‘If the Flemish painter’s canvases seem surprisingly modern, at the same time they evoke a long-gone universe of medieval fantasy’. But Bosch is not ‘Flemish’, and his works are not painted on canvas, but on panel.


[explicit 15 April 2021]

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