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Ueber neuere Bosch-Literatur

Vandenbroeck 1986a
Vandenbroeck, Paul
Genre: Nonfiction, art history
Uitgever: Kritische Berichte, 14 (1986), nr. 2, pp. 36-52
Uitgave datum: 1986

Vandenbroeck 1986a


“Ueber neuere Bosch-Literatur” (Paul Vandenbroeck) 1986

[in: Kritische Berichte, 14 (1986), nr. 2, pp. 36-52]


Vandenbroeck offers critical reviews of four recently published books about Hieronymus Bosch: Hammer-Tugendhat 1981, Dixon 1981, Bax 1983 and Gibson 1983. With regard to the former two publications his final judgement is negative, with regard to the latter two it is positive.



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