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Jérôme Bosch par delà l'envers et l'endroit

D'Achon 1984
D'Achon, Aude
Genre: Nonfiction, art history
Aantal pagina's: 193
Uitgever: Editions de la Différence, Paris
Uitgave datum: 1984
ISBN: 2-7291-0154-3

D’Achon 1984


Jérôme Bosch par delà l’envers et l’endroit (Aude d’Achon) 1984

[Editions de la Différence, Paris, 1984, 193 pages]


This superfluous book of the French ‘doctoresse és lettres’ and novel writer Aude d’Achon largely contains hazy, pseudopoetical mumbo jumbo with an alchemical slant. It is revealing that on page 167 the author calls the equally superfluous book of her compatriot Claude Mettra (1980) a ‘beau livre’ (beautiful book). Just as Mettra D’Achon is not too much bothered by factual knowledge. Only two examples. With her the Latin name of Idleness (accidia) on the Prado Seven Deadly Sins panel becomes aricia [p. 127]. And according to D’Achon the Haywain triptych and the Garden of Delights triptych both belong to Bosch’s ‘last important creations’ [p. 182]. From the first to the last page this text is sheer dilettantism. Contains 52 (mostly black and white) illustrations of poor quality.



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