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Imaginair museum

Dierick 1999
Dierick, Alfons
Genre: Nonfiction, art history
Uitgave datum: 1999
Bron: Kultuurleven, vol. 66, nr. 4 (July 1999), pp. 98-105

Dierick 1999


“Imaginair museum” (Alfons Dierick) 1999

[in: Kultuurleven, vol. 66, nr. 4 (July 1999), pp. 98-105]


A retrospective exhibition of the complete works of the Flemish Primitives has since long become impossible because these unique panels are rarely given on loan for an exhibition. This gave the author the idea to create an ‘imaginary museum’ based on a series of full-size colour photographs of the complete works of Van Eyck, Van der Weyden, Van der Goes, Bosch en Bruegel. It took years of technical research and of learning the hard way to realise this project but the final result got a lot of appreciation both from the museums who gave permission to photograph the paintings and from the numerous visitors of the picture exhibitions.


Bosch struggled with the issues of good and evil and of life and death. He wanted to depict things that cannot really be depicted but thanks to his inexhaustible phantasy and his artistic skills his works will always have a unique place in the world’s history of painting.



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